CRN Exclusive: Michael Dell On Making The Most Of Industry Consolidation, The Channel Program's Fast Start And VMware's Position In The Container Market

Dell On The Record

About six months after closing an acquisition that represents perhaps the biggest piece of IT industry consolidation ever, Michael Dell isn't expecting that trend to slow down. He does, however, expect his company to reap most of the rewards.

If fourth quarter results published by Dell Technologies on Thursday are any indication, the chairman and CEO might be onto something. The Round Rock, Texas, company saw significant growth in several major business lines, including all-flash, servers, hyper-converged infrastructure and security. Despite concerns in the market that container technology could threaten VMware, Dell said the virtualization kingpin is well positioned to be a major player in that market.

According to Dell, customers want to do more business with fewer vendors, and Dell is one of those vendors thanks to its wide portfolio and engaged channel partner ecosystem. "One of the discussions we've been having here is, how high is up, given all the opportunity?" Dell said. "We just see tons of opportunity to grow."

Those growth opportunities come as the economy at large prompts businesses to put resources and muscle behind their growth plans. "Customers are on offense and they're investing," Dell said. "They're starting new projects. Then when you step back and go back to how we engage with customers in across-the-board transformation, we have extremely high relevance in terms of helping customers evolve."

What follows is an edited excerpt of Dell's conversation with CRN.

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