CRN Exclusive: HP Printing President Lores On Closing The Samsung Acquisition, 'Disrupting' The Copier Industry And Getting 'More Aggressive' On Pricing

The Samsung Difference

HP Imaging and Printing President Enrique Lores says the completion of the $1.05 billion deal to buy Samsung's printer business opens the door for the company to accelerate its A3 market share offensive.

"We will be able to be more aggressive in terms of pricing and programs (as a result of the acquisition)," said Lores in an interview with CRN.  "Over time we will be integrating into the HP programs all the Samsung partners as well. Both for the HP resellers and the Samsung resellers this is a great opportunity to accelerate their growth."

The completion of the blockbuster deal provides HP with the R&D talent and intellectual property to grab a bigger slice of the $55 billion A3 copier market and also strengthens the company's A4 laser printer business.

The deal, which closes on the second anniversary of the HP split from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, brings HP 1,300 researchers and engineers and 6,500 print patents."This gives us the technology that we will need to drive the transformation in the copier industry," said Lores.

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