Head-To-Head: Google Pixel 2 XL Vs. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Face Off

With its updated smartphone line, Google is ramping up its push to get Apple iPhone users to switch. The company makes its case on a page about the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones, entitled "Why Switch," which displays an image of what looks to be an iPhone transferring its data to a Pixel 2. Apple, of course, has its own pitch for why users will want to upgrade to its new iPhone 8 lineup. For those looking to choose between the newest Google and Apple phones, which is the better fit? In the following slides, the CRN Test Center looks at the larger-screened models of the new Google and Apple offerings -- the Pixel 2 XL vs. the iPhone 8 Plus -- and compares them on specs and price.

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