HP CTO Shane Wall On Topping Apple At PC Design, The 3-D Printing Revolution And The Future Of Computing

How will the office of the future look different?

I think you see some of it in the footprint today, of where we're going. I think you see integration of communications with compute, that come into the platform. We released a set of PCs that have integrated the telephony itself into the system. And then by using different form factors you have the ability to go into the conference rooms themselves. So that now what you have is the compute and the communications integrated into the room. Over time, you start getting smart surfaces. We have one that sits behind me where I am here, where you can write on a wall, and I can record the strokes on the wall. And that's integrated in with the PC. Or I can do simple gesturing to other screens in the room itself. So that the conference room of the future is not just a PC sitting in a room, or people using PCs and interacting. It becomes much more aware, and it uses the resources around it in the room itself.

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