HP CTO Shane Wall On Topping Apple At PC Design, The 3-D Printing Revolution And The Future Of Computing

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In the future, where computing is a part of everything and less visible, does that mean that PCs go away entirely? What's your vision for the future of PCs?

I think it's pretty healthy. And certainly the last year, the results we've had in terms of products and financials have been pretty positive. We remain optimistic on that going forward. We do think that things will continue to evolve from a form-factor [perspective]. And you see that in our designs, where things have gotten thinner. There's been a higher degree of integration, there's been integration of telephony in here. We've done various models that have detachables. We're running our meeting in here on a detachable that's integrated into a conference room. So it's a detachable HP PC integrated into the conference room. And we look at that as the conference room of the future. The PC is at the heart of exactly that. You see the convertibles, you see the all-in-ones, you see the stackables. We have the Slice computer that allows you to configure it, so you can integrate it into the conference room. I think it's just the continued evolution of that PC into different form factors.

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