HP CTO Shane Wall On Topping Apple At PC Design, The 3-D Printing Revolution And The Future Of Computing

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How would you say you are positioned versus Apple? Where exactly are your products stronger than theirs?

Let me talk marketwise because the results from the market probably speak volumes as to where we are. For the last two years, you've seen us come out with a much bigger focus on premium products that try and integrate a lot more functionality in a thinner package, at some higher price points. And if you just look at the market data on that, we've clearly captured significant market share, and most of that has been at the expense of Apple. So I think just in terms of the market itself, I think our products are speaking pretty loudly. In terms of the products themselves, you can go compare the specs. What I think you see is higher-resolution screens, longer battery life, thinner, touch screens that are on them. If you just look at the specs one at a time, you'd see a significant difference in the product.

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