HP CTO Shane Wall On Topping Apple At PC Design, The 3-D Printing Revolution And The Future Of Computing

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What are some other areas of focus at the show?

A second area is digital manufacturing. The simple explanation is imagine a world in which manufacturing is no longer, as it's done today, designed in one place and then sent somewhere to be manufactured. Which tends to be a subtractive, cut-away, wasteful process. And then physical goods are shipped on the surface of an ocean or an airplane to the places that they need it -- and then consumed. And obviously that's consuming a lot of energy and resources, clogging our roads, and the like. Imagine when that goes away, and we go to a world in which the entire manufacturing chain is digital. We design digital, and we do it additive. We 'ship' product by sending the digital representation of the product to the location where it's needed. And then at that location it can personalized, changed, customized. And then [the product is] printed in a digital fashion, on demand, in location. That might sound a little crazy, but that's where we think things are going. We see pieces of it today, and over the next five, 10, 15 years we'll see the world moving increasingly that way. And we have unique technology, that we call the Multi-Jet Fusion. It is the only digital, additive 3-D printing capability in the world. And that's what we think really enables that vision on the digital manufacturing side.

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