The 10 Coolest Processors Of 2017 (So Far)

Speed Freaks

The first six months of 2017 were eventful in the market for new processors, as top vendors Intel, Qualcomm, AMD and Nvidia all debuted major releases. And the new offerings run the gamut from desktop to mobile to IoT, while others are aimed at emerging computing needs in the data center, such as artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

What follows are the 10 coolest new processors we’ve come across from the first half of 2017.

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AMD Epyc 7000 Series

The new Epyc platform marks AMD's return to the server market after a four-year hiatus. The series consists of nine 7000 processors that feature a larger memory bandwidth, as well as a broader array of input/output lines. AMD's Epyc lineup ranges from eight-core, 16-thread pieces up to 32-core, 64-thread CPUs with four eight-core dies. These dies are internally connected through AMD's Infinity Fabric, which the company said is less expensive than trying to pack multiple cores on a single die.

AMD Ryzen 7

The Ryzen 7 series is a trio of eight-core models, which are based on AMD's Zen core microarchitecture and are targeted at PC gamers and enthusiasts. Along with having eight cores, all of the chips also have 16 threads. They range in base clock from 3GHz for the 1700 model to 3.6GHz for the 1800X model.

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