8 Printer Market Trends To Watch

Fit To Print

The "paperless office" hasn't arrived for most of us, and it's not about to any time soon, according to Keith Kmetz, program vice president for imaging, printing and document solutions at research firm IDC. On the whole, printing "is a maturing business, but it is a mission-critical function," Kmetz told CRN. "It is something that businesses need -- even with the many initiatives that may be moving away from printing." Major trends affecting the office printer industry include shifts toward multifunction printers and inkjet technology, and heightened competition in the A3 market. Meanwhile, managed print services are expected to become a greater focus for small and midsize businesses, creating major new opportunities for solution providers.

As part of CRN's Printer Week 2017, we've rounded up eight of the top trends to watch in the printer market.

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