CRN Exclusive: Synnex's Murai On His Decade Of Accomplishments As CEO, Growth Opportunities Ahead And His Future Plans

What do you think we'll see from Synnex five years from now, or ten years from now?

It's so hard to look at a crystal ball and see three years out, much less five years out. But the core focus of what we feel is success in the company is continuing to grow the business and being able to see where the growth opportunities are and really be there. That said, I fully expect that Synnex is going to continue to be a key technology player. I think that the capabilities that we have today are going to continue to be enhanced. And I see us as continuing to be a premier player in technology, and in particular as there's a big shift to cloud, to solutions around IoT, and I see us getting much more specialized in key verticals as well.

So I think we're going to continue to organically invest in those capabilities and stay ahead of the market.

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