CRN Exclusive: Synnex's Murai On His Decade Of Accomplishments As CEO, Growth Opportunities Ahead And His Future Plans

How about specific events like the acquisitions of Westcon and Concentrix?

With Westcon-Comstor in particular, that really does enhance our portfolio that we bring to the market and fills in a lot of key line card gaps. But it's also very much aligned to the way we were going to market anyway to have a number of business units that specialize, whether it be by technology or market segment. And that's exactly what Westcon did with their three divisions. So it fits in very nicely to that.

In addition, we took a very small BPO company in Concentrix [which 10 years ago] was barely 10,000 people to well over 100,000 people today and a number-five global player for customer care BPO, and that's certainly a very strong force.

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