CRN Exclusive: Synnex's Murai On His Decade Of Accomplishments As CEO, Growth Opportunities Ahead And His Future Plans

So, what's the first thing you are going to do with all that extra time after you retire?

March 1 is the transition date. Which means March 1, I get to sleep in. …

I've had a number of friends who have retired over the past few years. I've watched them. A number of them have retired very well, and they're doing really well. And some of them don't retire as well. To me, the difference has been, those that are retiring to something retire well. Those that retire from something don't. And even though I'm very grateful for the 30 years in my career, and in particular the last 10 years with Synnex, I really am looking forward to spending more time with my wife. As you may or may not know, we haven't lived in the same city in 11 years. … We both have to fly to each other in order to see each other. So we'll be able to spend much more time together.

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