Greta Van Susteren On Social Media, Sexual Harassment, And Helping Women Reach Their Full Potential

On Helping Women Succeed

Van Susteren told attendees a story about one assistant she had that wanted to be an anchor. She didn't see it happening for the young woman at first, but she would send her out on assignments and asked her to make "boring" scripts more interesting. Over time, the young woman stuck with it and kept getting better. In the end, Van Susteren reached out to her contacts and helped her assistant land an anchor position in a small market where she has since won an Associated Press award for her reporting. She's still thriving in her position today.

"Ask me what I'm proud of, and I don’t care about ratings -- anyone can do that. I'm proud that I keep my side of the deal in helping women become successful," she said.

Van Susteren also encouraged executives in the audience to help women around them succeed, both inside and outside of their workplaces. 

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