Greta Van Susteren On Social Media, Sexual Harassment, And Helping Women Reach Their Full Potential

On Kicking Her Assistants Out Of The Nest

Van Susteren warns each assistant she's ever had that she's "awful" to work for. She despises dropped calls and mistakes, and doesn't allow for much room for error or surprises in her life. She also has the incoming assistant meet with the outgoing assistant to get a full run-down of the job so they know exactly what they are walking into. But she also asks her new assistants what they want to do, and tells them that if they do two years with her, she'll get them any job they want.

"I've seen talented people in this business become professional assistants, and if you don't push them out, that's going to be their life," she said. "I'm willing to work hard and go to bat for these young people -- When you can empower women, that beats all."  

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