Michael Dell On Double-Digit Channel Growth In Year One Of Dell Technologies, The Rise Of AI, And The Partner Opportunity In Pivotal Container Service

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How do partners play with Dell to take advantage of AI in delivering solutions to customers?

You'll see a wide variety of offerings there across the spectrum. Those are all things our partners can go sell. The way to think about computing is you have cloud computing, then you have edge computing, all these nodes and things that are becoming intelligent. It's important to recognize that the growth in the edge and the fog is enormous. Think about a car traveling down the road at 85 mph and the LIDAR sees something. Do you want it to go back to the cloud to get the answer? No, of course not. The answer has to be inside there. Edge computing combined with the fog, and all these smart machines could be 10- to 100-times bigger than the internet as we know it today. That's not going to happen in a year, or two, or three, but five, 10 years out, the sky's the limit when you look at how fast our customers are putting sensors and intelligence into everything they make.

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