Michael Dell On Double-Digit Channel Growth In Year One Of Dell Technologies, The Rise Of AI, And The Partner Opportunity In Pivotal Container Service

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In artificial intelligence, are we headed to a time when we interact with the computer in a voice-activated way rather than a keyboard and screen? What's Dell's play there?

I don't think it's one or the other. It's both. People want to use voice, that's great. In AI and machine intelligence, what's really going on is you've got this incredible increase in the number of smart, connected things. If I have a fantastic AI or machine intelligence, and I give it three pieces of data, the AI isn't going to get very smart, because I only gave it three pieces of data. If I give it 1,000 pieces of data, it'll do a little better. But if I give it a billion, or 10 billion or a trillion, all of a sudden it becomes super intelligent. That's the plot. The supremacy of data in the discussion with customers is coming up more and more.

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