Michael Dell On Double-Digit Channel Growth In Year One Of Dell Technologies, The Rise Of AI, And The Partner Opportunity In Pivotal Container Service

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Containers and virtual machines can co-exist?

Containers versus virtual machines is totally wrong. Who uses more containers than anyone? The answer is Google. If you go to, and say you guys use lots of containers, what do you do with your containers [They say] we put them in virtual machines. Why do you put your containers in virtual machines? Because it's easier to manage, because if we didn't, if you're running on bare metal, it's not working so well. When you think of the management of things, you end up not with containers versus virtual machines, it's containers and virtual machines. That happens to be very good for VMware now that it has Pivotal Container Service. We couldn't be more excited about this. Our competitors are not doing this kind of stuff.

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