Michael Dell On Double-Digit Channel Growth In Year One Of Dell Technologies, The Rise Of AI, And The Partner Opportunity In Pivotal Container Service

When containers first came out, people were saying that technology is clearly a problem for VMware. How does the container business play out, and what's your advice for the channel on how to make money with Pivotal Container Service?

It's simple. Sell the Pivotal Container Service. VMware financial results for the last several quarters have been getting stronger and stronger. [VMware CEO] Pat [Gelsinger] and team are doing a great job leading the business. The products and offerings are really resonating with customers. NSX and vSAN are growing very fast. In this multicloud, cross-cloud world, virtualization is incredibly important. Containers is a new way to deal with new applications, the cloud-native application. You've got 500,000-plus VMware customers around the world. This is a super easy way for all those customers to manage, deploy and utilize Linux containers in ultramodern fashion with Kubernetes, with Pivotal technologies, with VMware NSX, and it totally integrates with everything they have. That's going to be a monster product. That's a big opportunity for all the partners. There's also an opportunity beyond that to sell Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The two fastest-growing open-source projects in the world are Cloud Foundry, which is sponsored by Pivotal, and Kubernetes, which is sponsored by Google. With the Pivotal Container Service, we're bringing it all together.

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