Michael Dell On Double-Digit Channel Growth In Year One Of Dell Technologies, The Rise Of AI, And The Partner Opportunity In Pivotal Container Service

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Are you getting what you need from partners as far as cross-selling the Dell Technologies portfolio is concerned?

When you look at it from the overall Dell Technologies level, we had a pretty aggressive plan, and for the first half of the year, we had about $2 billion more revenue than we planned for, and a lot of it was in the revenue synergies across Dell Technologies. What I've seen more broadly is a portfolio effect. In any one of the different areas, whether it's unstructured data, all flash, high end, midrange storage, servers, workstations, commercial PCs, virtualization, software-defined, networking, security, mobility management, Platform-as-a-Service, on and on, we're number one. There's a portfolio effect, which is to say that when a decision-maker looks at the total portfolio, they say I'm going to bet on you guys, I'm not going to bet on the other guys. A large portion of that growth we're seeing – the double-digit growth in the first half with the channel – is share shift against some of the others, and there's a lot more where that came from, so we're excited.

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