HP Personal Systems President Ron Coughlin On Gaining Share From Apple, The $60B Device-As-A-Service Opportunity, And The Office Of The Future

Talk about the growth you are seeing in Device-as-a-Service and other emerging market segments.

Our orders are up double digits in Device-as-a-Service. We have seen a lot of traction there.

We are bringing proactive intelligence to Device-as-a-Service. That means knowing when a hard drive is going to fail before it actually fails, knowing the battery life of a device.

Over 50 percent of companies are actively evaluating or deploying Device-as-a-Service.

In retail point of sale our revenue again is up double digits. We are making a lot of progress there. We are looking for more channel partners to lean in with us on retail point of sale.

Lastly, we are getting into workflow. We have worked, for example, with ISVs to create a solution for India customs.

Previously, if a pallet came to a dock in Mumbai a gentleman would go out with a pad and paper, mark what was on that pallet and then go input it into a desktop. Now they have an [HP] ruggedized tablet. Now they catalog what was in that pallet at the point of inception. It is a custom workflow that includes a tax function.

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