HP Personal Systems President Ron Coughlin On Gaining Share From Apple, The $60B Device-As-A-Service Opportunity, And The Office Of The Future

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Talk about the importance of listening to customers and how that has affected product development.

It is all about understanding our customers’ needs. If 40 percent of customers prefer a convertible, then we are going to give them a convertible. We are not going stay dogmatically with a laptop.

If customers want touch, we are going to give them a full screen of touch – not a strip of touch. We listen to our customers and we create amazing experiences based on what our customers’ needs are and desires are.

Our product managers and engineers create amazing products, whether it is the hinges that we create, light delighters like the security screen, or the best audio with Bang & Olufsen -- we create amazing experiences on our premium devices.

In the PC category, it is HP that is setting the bar in design and absolutely [doing the same] in the premium PC category.

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