HP Personal Systems President Ron Coughlin On Gaining Share From Apple, The $60B Device-As-A-Service Opportunity, And The Office Of The Future

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What is the mood inside HPE?

It is not very often you get to define what a company is. [HP CEO] Dion [Weisler] did a masterful job of taking his leadership team and having us step back and say, what do we want this company to be?  What businesses are we in: print, PCs, 3-D; what are the values of the company; how do we want to operate internally and externally. And you have seen that come through, whether it is through the sustainability work we are doing, the tremendous contribution we have made in the education field, and how our employees banded together to help each other out with the Houston tragedy.

You can see the values of this company and, by the way, they are not new values -- they actually go back to [Hewlett Packard founders] Bill [Hewlett] and Dave [Packard] and the values of legacy.

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