HP Personal Systems President Ron Coughlin On Gaining Share From Apple, The $60B Device-As-A-Service Opportunity, And The Office Of The Future

Talk about the premium segment and how you are beating Apple in the sales trenches.

Two data points [from research firm IDC]: In Q2 alone, HP in premium was up 4.3 points. Apple was down 9.5 points.

If you take a two-year view from Q2 15 to Q2 17, we are up 5.4 points and Apple is down 8.5 points in premium.

We are up 7.7 points in gaming and Apple is down 8 points in gaming.

We have closed the gap with Apple on customer experience. Lots of people talk about the customer experience of Apple. On our premium products we have closed the gap with Apple, which has taken a lot of hard work from our engineering and product management design teams to create an equal experience while not owning our whole ecosystem. We work tightly with Microsoft and Intel on that to create these incredible experiences.

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