New HPE Global Sales Officer Davis On His Goal To Drive A Higher Percentage Of Sales Through Partners, Compensation Changes, DevOps Business Model Innovation And The HPE Next Initiative

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What will the impact of Voyager be on the channel ecosystem?

If you are a reseller or particularly a distributor who stocks and sells, you want to spend less money manually doing things and spend more time selling to customers.

The second thing you obviously want to do is to be able to optimize your inventory turns and your cash flow. That is where we were going with Voyager – how do we automate a lot of those processes that are manual, a lot of that data pulling and going back and forth. That is critical because that ties back into rebates and how you make money.

We can also provide better analytics in terms of which SKUs are moving more quickly so they know where they need to invest their capital. It enables them to make more intelligent decisions. That becomes important for cash conversion cycles or the amount of capital they have tied up inventory.

We want to help them take costs out and help them to deploy their capital in the most efficient manner possible.

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