New HPE Global Sales Officer Davis On His Goal To Drive A Higher Percentage Of Sales Through Partners, Compensation Changes, DevOps Business Model Innovation And The HPE Next Initiative

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Talk about the compensation changes that partners could see effective Nov. 1.

We have enterprise advisory councils in each of the key markets to help guide us as we are going through this process. We don’t want to do this in a vacuum. We want to get good feedback. We have been in that process for about three months everywhere in the world.

We have got some ideas and we have been working with enterprise advisory councils. We will be rolling out some changes to PartnerReady everywhere in the world, including the U.S. But we are not yet in a position to get into the specifics. We are still finalizing it. What we want to do is to collaborate with our partners and make sure we don’t get it wrong. The last thing you want to do is change the program to make it better for the partners and then get the feedback that the partners don’t like where you have gone.

We will be in a better position over the next three to four weeks to be able to provide some more specifics on that.

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