New HPE Global Sales Officer Davis On His Goal To Drive A Higher Percentage Of Sales Through Partners, Compensation Changes, DevOps Business Model Innovation And The HPE Next Initiative

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Talk about the plan to simplify, streamline and make it easier to do business with HPE.

We are making some big investments internally particularly around our IT systems that make it much, much easier to do business with us.

Another example of making it easier, which we think will drive up the mix through partners, is making it easier to configure and therefore get price quotes for products. If you look at the way things were done nine months ago, if a partner wanted to quote something they would come to us, we would configure it, give it to them, they would give it to the customer. And then something would change and they would come back to us, we would reconfigure it and it would go back to the partner. On average, we would see a customer want to look at four or five different configurations. That could introduce two or three days each time. That could really slow things down. So we have launched a new online configurator, One Config Advanced [OCA].

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