New HPE Global Sales Officer Davis On His Goal To Drive A Higher Percentage Of Sales Through Partners, Compensation Changes, DevOps Business Model Innovation And The HPE Next Initiative

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Talk about the commitment to move a higher percentage of sales through the partners in the U.S.

When you take a look at where we see opportunities as we segment the market, the channel represents huge reach that we are never going to be able to duplicate on our own. This is why the channel is so important for us. Some of the channel partners have great relationships in the Global 100, but a lot of partners have great reach into the SMB and midmarket. If you take a look at the U.S., that market represents a great opportunity for us and certainly as we go into FY 18 we are going to be very, very focused on driving SMB.

We have done either a partner-first or partner-only play with some of the products in Asia. It is good to see the U.S. also following suit with [a 100 percent channel-only sales model for] Nimble and SimpliVity. That is a great example of actions speak a lot louder than words. When you say you are going to put 100 percent of that business through the channel, that is a pretty big statement.

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