New HPE Global Sales Officer Davis On His Goal To Drive A Higher Percentage Of Sales Through Partners, Compensation Changes, DevOps Business Model Innovation And The HPE Next Initiative

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What is your message to partners as you take the helm on Nov. 1?

Actions speak louder than words. Look at our long history and legacy with the partners and the channel. It speaks for itself. Partnership first is one of our three core values. Our commitment to the channel has been long and unwavering.

If you take a look at our percentage of sales through the channel, we tend to run in the 70s worldwide. Over in Asia we have been able to drive that up and we are now over 80 percent. So we are in the low 80s depending on the particular quarter. Coming into the worldwide role, that would be a goal of mine: How do we increase the overall mix of our business through the channel?

If you take a look at the investments we are looking for for FY 18, they are going to continue to be very focused on the channel. We have been making some big investments internally in terms of making it easier to do business with HPE and, most importantly, easier for partners to make money.

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