5 Ways To Make Money With The New Dell EMC Partner Program

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Byrne's 'VAR Bonanza'

Calling Dell EMC's new partner program "a VAR bonanza," channel chief John Byrne got right to the point in a presentation at the company's Global Partner Summit at the Dell EMC World conference this week in Las Vegas. "I want you to get rich," he said.

Byrne said he and his team have engineered the program to pump as much money as possible into partner's pockets, and he outlined a strategy for partners to do more and bigger deals with Dell EMC. "We've got a $35 billion channel business, but we're still the dark horse," he said.

"I want you to grow your top line, but not only grow your top line. I want you to make money," Byrne said. "Cross-sell. We want you to sell more lines of business. There's a reason we spend nearly $5 billion a year on R&D: To dominate Gartner's Magic Quadrants, to be No. 1 in everything, all in one place. We want you to sell more of the portfolio, and you've got to physically take from someone else to do it. That's why the program is so lucrative."

In addition to the program's beefed-up MDF structure and new working capital solutions that allow partners to increase credit capacity and grow faster, Byrne had some specific strategies for spurring growth. Here are his 5 top strategies for getting rich with Dell EMC's partner program.

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