Micro Focus CEO Hsu On Completing The HPE Software Merger, The New Company's Strength In DevOps And Hybrid IT, And Opportunities For The Channel

What is the company's product development strategy? Will the company invest in extending its capabilities or developing new products?

The second part of our mission statement hits on that directly, which is we have customer-focused innovation. We build high-quality products that our customers can rely on and our people can be proud of. And what's important about the customer-centered innovation is that every product in our portfolio has an innovation roadmap, whether it's a mature product, or a growth product like Vertica, like SUSE [Linux], like some of our security products. Every one of those has a clear innovation agenda that's directly based on customer feedback.

What you won't see us do is act like a venture capital firm where we're going out and funding all kinds of unproven ideas. That's not our place in the ecosystem of software. But what you are going to see us do is to be clear about our road maps, regardless of whether they are products that are in the mature stage of their life cycle or the growth and ramp-up stage, really transforming the industry. And I would put SUSE [Linux], big data analytics and security on the front-end of that growth perspective.

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