Micro Focus CEO Hsu On Completing The HPE Software Merger, The New Company's Strength In DevOps And Hybrid IT, And Opportunities For The Channel

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How will it differentiate itself? Who are the company's biggest competitors?

From the perspective of competition, [it] is very broad and it's changing all the time. The competitive landscape changes. As you know, there are always startups, there are established players. And so I'm going to refrain from naming specific competitors.

But what I can tell you is that our mission as a company is to provide our customers with a best-in-class portfolio of enterprise-grade, scalable software with big data analytics built in.

And the reason that's important is that if you look across [our] portfolio that starts with application development and DevOps, and goes into IT operations management – management of your infrastructure regardless of [whether] its mainframe, traditional [IT], virtual private cloud, and public cloud. So we can help our customers manage the complexity in a hybrid IT environment across that entire deployment-model landscape, whether you have [Microsoft] Azure, [IBM] SoftLayer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise or Dell EMC in your landscape.

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