Micro Focus CEO Hsu On Completing The HPE Software Merger, The New Company's Strength In DevOps And Hybrid IT, And Opportunities For The Channel

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What types of partners will Micro Focus work with? What roles will they play?

We'll have partners from the largest generalist partners to smaller, more specialist partners. As I said, we have 2,500 partners in our network. So there isn't a one-size-fits-all [strategy]. We're such a global company, and we operate all around the world in every region. And in some regions of the world, we're 100 percent partner-led. So, for instance, in Central and South America where we do quite a bit of business, we already have an extensive partner network on day one.

I don't know off the top of my head what U.S. partner [revenue] split is. But more than 50 percent of our business is [in the] U.S. with the combined company, and so my guess is that it's not dissimilar to the overall stats I gave.

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