Review: Samsung Blows Past Apple With The Galaxy S8+

After spending the past few days with the futuristic Galaxy S8+, we're in no hurry to give it back to Samsung.

While using the device to take video at a concert Friday night, for example, it was impossible not to think that this was the coolest phone at the show. The 6.2-inch device is terrific for productivity, too.

Count the CRN Test Center among the early fans of the Galaxy S8+, which comes out Friday along with its sibling, the Galaxy S8.

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The major leap forward with the device is the display, which is enormous by iPhone standards. But the inventive design for the display is not just about size. The other key change is that the bezel is almost totally gone, leaving a device that's mostly screen (83 percent, to be exact).

Is it really as cool as Samsung wants you to believe? Pretty much. This phone is the real deal.

We found ourselves wanting to pick up the device and use it even if we didn't have anything in mind to do. Having so much screen space was part of it, but it's also because the display quality is fantastic.

The Super AMOLED display can get so bright and sharp that most of the time we didn't have the settings nearly as high as they could go. We mostly kept the resolution at FHD+, 2,220 x 1,080, rather than WQHD+, 2,960 x 1,440, and it still looked amazing. The curve of the display down the left and right sides of the phone is an appealing look, too.

And even though the screen is so large the phone is easy to hold in one hand thanks to the nearly bezel-free design. It's also remarkably thin (0.31 of an inch) for such a big device.

This design is almost certainly where phones are headed.

But is there an advantage to having the model with a 6.2-inch display? Yes indeed.

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