HPE To Cisco, Lenovo, Huawei: When It Comes To SimpliVity, You Are On Your Own

It is a problem Cisco, Lenovo and Huawei already are addressing.

SimpliVity forged its relationship with Cisco in August 2014, under which Cisco channel partners could install the SimpliVity software and add-on card into Cisco Unified Computing System servers. SimpliVity has since said that sales through Cisco partners was its biggest route to market.

San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco, with its own HyperFlex hyper-converged infrastructure offering, is not concerned about the break in the SimpliVity relationship, a Cisco spokesperson told CRN via email.

"Cisco is confident in our market success and product leadership with HyperFlex Systems, and we have a solid road map in place to further increase our competitive differentiation. SimpliVity has told customers that they are the first point of contact for the solution and will engage Cisco TAC [Technical Assistance Center] on behalf of the customer. SimpliVity will provide the software support on their end, while Cisco will continue to support UCS for any customer with active contracts," the spokesperson wrote.

SimpliVity about 12 months later formed a relationship with Lenovo under which Lenovo would offer SimpliVity's technology on Lenovo's System x servers.

Roderick Lappin, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Lenovo, Morrisville, N.C., said SimpliVity has been a great partner, but ending the relationship would not constitute a crisis.

"Our No. 1 partner was Nutanix and continues to be Nutanix," Lappin told CRN. "When the acquisition of SimpliVity was announced, we took a wary position. But these things happen all the time."

Lenovo has a great relationship with Nutanix and plans to double down on that partnership, Lappin said.

"We currently have about 12 products we offer with Nutanix," he said. "This includes our Express solutions for SMB customers which don't require deal registration."

HPE has not made definitive statements about what it will do with SimpliVity's relationships, Lappin said. "The SimpliVity team internally hoped they would still work with Lenovo," he said. "But based on our experience with competing with HPE, we're prepared."

SimpliVity also last year unveiled a meet-in-the-channel relationship with Huawei, with offerings directed primarily at international markets that Huawei serves.

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