Red Hat Exec: Start Gradually, And Use The Cloud To Streamline Your Business

Integrating the cloud into traditional business processes shouldn’t be scary because it will allow companies to streamline their productivity, according to Monty Taylor, an open source cloud executive at Red Hat.

"Ultimately, you can do this in a step-by-step way. It is totally achievable. I know plenty of people who are using cloud resources in a traditional way, as a starting point," Taylor said.

Taylor added that it helps that OpenStack, the cloud operating system, has reached a point in its maturity where it has become "boring" infrastructure, which is what he said it ought to be. "We’re everywhere. We’re places where you don’t even know where we are, and that’s where you want to be," he said.

The fact that the OpenStack cloud operating system is used so widely is a great thing, and he noted that its even better when companies don’t have to think about it being there. They can, instead, think about what processes they want to make more efficient.

"You don’t have to fix everything all at once, you can do one thing and then the second thing, and see how it fits in to make your existing processes more streamlined," said Taylor.

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