CRN Test Center Gives A Passing Grade To Kid-Friendly, Flexible, Affordable Dell Chromebook

The Dell Chromebook 3189 is a 2-in-1 that easily switches between different modes. The freedom and flexibility it provides is great for the classroom setting. One minute it's a laptop, the next it's a tablet or, in "tent mode," a screen for viewing video.

And of course, the display is a touch screen. That makes the laptop even more interactive for students. We think Dell has done a nice job all around with the Chromebook 3189.

The must-have features for schools are all here. The laptop comes with a water-resistant keyboard and click pad. And it has a shock-absorbent body and Gorilla Glass on the display.

The Chromebook 3189 also gets good marks for battery life. Based on our test, a full day in the classroom should be no problem with this laptop.

A slow processor is one downside. The performance was a bit laggy. So students may have to learn some patience to use this laptop. But that's a tradeoff for keeping the Chromebook 3189 affordable for schools.

Overall we think the $369 price tag is very reasonable for this laptop, given the advantages it has over typical Chromebooks. One other thing that would be ideal for schools would be getting to use Android apps with this laptop. But, Dell has told us that support for Android apps will be added soon.

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