100 Years Of Looking Ahead: D&H's Culture of Success

1918: D&H is founded as Economy Tire & Rubber in Williamsport, Pa., a tire retreading company that guaranteed retreads even though original tire manufacturers did not.

1929: Economy Tire & Rubber changes its name to D&H Distributing as it adds Philco radios to its line card and moves into the consumer electronics industry. D&H founder David Schwab, a big believer in new technology, leads the charge into radio and TV distribution.

1938: D&H signs a distribution agreement with Radio Corporation of America, which would become RCA, a major manufacturer in the golden age of radio and television. The deal proved to be a game-changer, driving big sales growth as D&H powered RCA into the No. 1 market position in its territory.

1943: D&H sells its auto parts business to finance a more formidable focus on consumer electronics and technology, and opens its Baltimore office.

1952: D&H opens its new headquarters in Harrisburg, Pa., the building it still calls home today.

1957: David Schwab’s son Izzy -- who began working part-time sweeping floors at D&H while in high school -- starts a full-time position on the sales desk at D&H.

1968: D&H celebrates its 50th anniversary as a $45 million company -- one of the biggest RCA distributors in the U.S.

1973: D&H becomes a distributor for Atari, one of the first video gaming systems. Within two years, D&H is distributing 15 lines of gaming software.

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