SCSC And Linksys Provide New High-Speed Network Profile For Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

Before SCSC -- an ultra-exclusive systems integrator based in Los Angeles -- outfitted the new Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group office with a state-of-the-art Linksys wireless network, Dr. Payman Danielpour was at his wit’s end.

Danielpour remembers smashing his laptop in frustration at the old office before SCSC saved the day. "I got so incredibly frustrated that my laptop is no longer with us," he said.

These days, Danielpour couldn't be happier with the blazing speed of the new Linksys next-gen Wi-Fi network, which is powering what is considered one of top plastic surgery groups in Los Angeles. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group has been featured on network television including "Entertainment Tonight."

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"We have a commitment to excellence in everything we do," said Danielpour. "Everything we have in this [new] office and in our surgery center is the best of the best. We weren't going to go sub-par with technology. We knew Linksys was the best in the business."

Danielpour said he and his partner, Dr. John Layke, have built a top-notch practice with a sophisticated 3-D imaging system used to demonstrate the "before" and "after" of plastic surgery. The 3-D imaging system is a critical tool for showing patients the benefits of plastic surgery and is key to coming up with the best plan for each patient.

"We know that technology is more important than anything else," he said. "To us it was important to have the best Wi-Fi system in order to keep productivity at the highest level. The new network is a testament to the quality of Linksys."

The wireless network that SCSC -- one of Linksys' top strategic service providers -- put in place at the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group features a Linksys Dual WAN Business Gigabit VPN router, a 52-port Linksys business managed Gigabit PoE + Switch and five AC dual-band MU-MIMO access points, a premium rack and five Cat6 cable packs. 

"In this day and age, if things aren't as fast as you want -- whether it is with your phone or your computer -- it can be pretty frustrating," said Danielpour. "We have all our staff and patients here on Wi-Fi. Those patients may be on the internet or watching Netflix. That just wasn't possible at our old office."

Layke, for his part, says before the Linksys network was put in place, the surgeons were having trouble accessing images, with the network dropping four or five times a day. "It would take 15 minutes to upload a photo," he said. "We felt like we were spinning our wheels. We wanted to be cutting edge. We wanted to use state-of-the-art equipment. The advantages for our practice have been tremendous. It's almost like driving an Aston Martin and before we were in a Model T."

Layke credits SCSC founder and President Gabriel Paustian for providing the technology vision and muscle to bring the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group a 21st century HIPAA-compliant network. "We told Gabriel we wanted the top of the line, the latest and greatest, cutting edge, and he delivered," said Layke. "We trusted Gabriel. He had to make the decision on the wireless vendor."

Layke credits Paustian and his team for delivering on all counts, including meeting tight time lines for the systems integration work. The two doctors moved into the new facility last September. The SCSC work included a wide range of computers and TVs for the office.

"Everything was seamless," he said of the SCSC integration. "From the computer systems to the cameras and security system, we couldn't be happier. If everyone would have worked as well as Gabriel, it wouldn't have taken a year to move in. It would have been four months."

The  3-D imaging system, which can take up as much 500 MB per image, can be accessed anywhere in the 4,000-square-foot-facility including the operating room. "I knew we needed something ultra-fast," he said. "They are extremely large files. There are a lot of them and we have two surgeons so it is going in multiple rooms at the same time."

The ability to view the 3-D images and the entire network experience at the facility have increased patient satisfaction, said  Layke. "This hands down leads to our patients being much happier," he said. "I can show them with 3-D imaging. It gives patients hope and shows their progress."

Paustian, a "super geek" whose passion is working with the latest and greatest technology, said he chooses Linksys for his top customers because it is flat out the best technology at the right price point. "Linksys is a no-brainer," he said. 

The Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group network included a separate switch for VoIP versus data with Cat6 cables and Linksys MU-MIMO technology for maximum speed. "We had an increase of speed from 50 [percent to] 75 percent once we installed the MU-MIMO," Paustian said. "That was huge for us."

In addition to leading-edge products, Paustian said Linksys provides him with top engineering talent that has added thousands of dollars to his profitability by delivering complex technical support at no cost to him. On the Beverly Hill Plastic Surgery job, SCSC received extensive technical consulting free of charge working hand in hand with Michael Lipstein, a Linksys business development manager. 

"Michael was a huge help to me," said Paustian. "Linksys adds a lot of technology design and product ammunition to our arsenal. They always go above and beyond to make sure our customers are taken care of. When I am working with a new account, my first phone call is to Linksys."

Paustian said he feels like he is a part of tight-knit Linksys family. "I have friends at Linksys," he said. "It's a great community. If you have questions or want to sit down, they are always there for you."

Layke said he couldn't be happier with the network, which has been in place since last October. "It's been worth its weight in gold," he said. "It's like night and day."

Layke said he was so happy with the work done by SCSC that he also relied on the company to install a state-of-the-art home control system and Wi-Fi network at his new home. "I knew what a great job he did for us," he said of Paustian. "I would recommend him to everyone."

Danielpour said other health-care providers are "jealous" of the new system. "Technology can be tough and frustrating," he said. "If something doesn't work, Gabriel takes care of it. When you can trust somebody and know that at any time of day, anywhere, anyhow, he will take care of it, that means everything. He is the best at what he does."

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