Partners: HPE's Digital-Marketing-First Offensive Is A Sales Lead Generation Game-Changer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners say the vendor's digital marketing-first initiative is driving a new era of lead generation and sales growth.

Jessica Garrett, vice president of marketing for VeriStor, one of HPE's top enterprise partners, said HPE's digital marketing assistance has made a difference in the complete sales pipeline from leads to appointments to opportunities and, finally, sales. "We are seeing increases at every step of the way," she said. "Every metric we look at has gone up. We have shifted a lot of resources from regular marketing to digital marketing with HPE's digital-first approach. We are right there with them."

Garrett said the digital marketing offensive has had a transformative effect. "It's really interesting when you start to see the impact on sales pipeline and the internal culture," she said. "Digital marketing is a mind shift. It is about sales pipeline. I don't really care about impressions unless it gives me leads. When we start measuring ourselves that way, it makes all conversations so much easier."

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The digital marketing arsenal delivered by HPE Vice President of Worldwide Channel Marketing Chris Ogburn and his team is second to none, partners said. Among the HPE digital marketing resources receiving high praise from partners: field support and guidance from HPE partner marketing managers, along with a robust set of tools and resources that can be customized, including a Products & Solutions Now portal, a social media center and a marketing concierge service.

Kathleen Kinka, vice president of marketing for Comport Consulting, an HPE Platinum partner, said the HPE partnership has been a digital marketing game-changer. "The help that HPE has given us is incredible," said Kinka. "We would be much farther behind without the HPE help. There is no way we would be as sophisticated as we are with digital marketing without HPE."

The payoff from the digital marketing partnership with HPE has been "huge," said Kinka. "There is nothing more sustainable, affordable and scalable than digital. If you don't change up your mix of marketing, it is just not sustainable. There are a lot of companies now that will be out of business in five years if they don't do this, and it is a lot of heavy lifting."

Kinka said the support from HPE digital partner marketing has been key to Comport's digital marketing transformation. "It's an enormous investment on HPE's part, and they have made it in their top partners," she said. "It's very powerful."

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