Ingram Micro SVP: The Channel Isn't Winning Today In Infrastructure-As-A-Service

Socius has seen triple-digit growth in its Infrastructure-as-a-Service practice over the past year while nearly doubling its partner count, according to Daryl Hall, a cloud development delivery manager for Columbus, Ohio-based Ingram Micro partner.

Ingram Micro's new orchestration capabilities should make it easier for Socius to spin up new resources, Hall said, and provide the solution provider with greater transparency into how much migrating an end customer into AWS or Azure would actually cost.

The orchestrator addresses the missing piece in Ingram Micro's cloud strategy, according to Justin Nevins, vice president of engineering for Harlan, Iowa-based Oxen Technology.

"There's a need to simply the back-end of cloud to where it's closer to ordering a set of servers," Nevins told CRN.

Oxen Technology has been able to do enterprise-level IaaS projects without any problem, but hasn't been able to make IaaS working from a pricing perspective in the SMB space given the amount of labor that goes into spinning up an account.

Rapid technological changes are also a barrier to IaaS adoption, Nevins said, especially since the platforms are built for the enterprise and therefore entail a steep learning curve for solution providers serving the SMB space. Nevins said Ingram Micro's new IaaS sales and training capabilities should therefore provide partners with an easier path to mastering how to use these public cloud tools.

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