CompuCom Promotes EVP Dan Stone to CEO

Doye left CompuCom in August 2014, prompting Dixon to step back into the CEO slot on an interim basis. In February 2015, following a six-month search, Doctor – who joined CompuCom's board in May 2013 and had spent several years as CEO of data center maintenance company SMS beginning in 2006 – replaced Dixon as CompuCom's leader.

One of Doctor's first moves was selling CompuCom's software business, which included a select Microsoft licensing business to SoftwareONE in March 2015 for an undisclosed amount.

CRN had reported in November 2014 that Microsoft was considering revoking CompuCom's licensing solution provider (LSP) status because the company wasn't meeting revenue targets or investing enough in technical certifications. LSPs are the only Microsoft partners authorized to handle software volume licensing transactions.

Today, CompuCom's 11,500 employees hold more than 100,000 certifications, and the company said it had enjoyed more than 25 years of profitable growth. CompuCom's average client has been working with the company for 14 years, and the company said derives three-quarters of its IT services revenue from recurring annuity clients.

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